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La Ceiba, Honduras

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Life Cycle       Español

Butterflies go through complete metamorphosis.

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premating.JPG (14925 bytes)Since most adult butterflies only live about two weeks they mate the day they are born. Some males even mate with the female as she emerges from the cocoon. The courtship ritual is a flurry of wings as the male entices the female to mate. For some butterflies an aerial tango is a prelude to mating.

Moths depend on pheromones to find each other on a dark night. the pheromone or perfume is released from the female's abdomen. The male smells this aroma with his antennae. Some males that have large feather-like antennae can even smell a female from up to three miles away.

In butterflies a combination of smell and color attract mates. Some mmatingismenius.JPG (12824 bytes)ales have scent scales which release an odor to attract the female. Male and female eventually join abdomens to mate. Some stay together for two or three hours. When they separate the female is ready to lay her eggs on a host plant that the larvae will feed on.

Larvae or caterpillars have voracious appetites and a single larva can eat a whole leaf in a single day. Larvae can take from 10 days to two months to become big enough to enter the pupal stage.

Inside the pupa the larva slowly transforms into an adult butterfly. This can take from eight days to several months depending on the species of the butterfly and the time of year.

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Ciclo de Vida:

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Las mariposas pasan por una metamorfosis completo:

    Huevo    Larva    Pupa    Adulto

Las mariposas solamente viven un promedio de quince días. Se aparean al mismo día de nacer. Algunos machos se aparean con la hembra mientras ella sale de la pupa. Para muchas mariposas el preámbulo al cruce es un tango aéreo.

En la noche las mariposas nocturnas se encuentran por medio de un perfume que se llama una fermona. El perfume sale del abdomen de la hembra. Con sus antenas el macho percibe este perfume. Los machos que tienen antenas plumosas grandes pueden encontrar a una hembra a una distancia de cuatro kilómetros.

Las mariposas diurnas utilizan una combinación de colores y aromas para encontrarse. Algunos machos tienen unas escamas de olor que atraen a las hembras. Eventualmente se unen los abdómenes. Se quedan juntas dos o tres horas. Cuando se separan la hembra busca la planta para empezar a colocar los huevos.

Las larvas comen continuamente. Tienen apetitos grandes. Las larvas viven de 10 días a dos meses hasta que formen la pupa o crisálida.

Dentro de la pupa la larva se transforma en una mariposa adulta. Dependiendo de la especie esto puede tomar de ocho días a varios meses.

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